The Versa-Lift range of mobile, heavy lift & carry machines are used extensively in the machinery installation industry

All of the four capacity models share special features which enable them to perform tasks which otherwise would require larger, more expensive and cumbersome heavy lift machines to solve.

  • Each Versa-Lift is designed with very compact dimensions enabling it to access congested factory sites with ease.
  • To increase lifting capacity even further, hydraulically extendable counterweights can be deployed which increases lifting capability by as much as 45%. 
  • Another feature of all Versa-Lift models is the hydraulic boom attachment. This can be fitted or removed from the truck in just a few minutes and stored when not in use on the purpose built stand.
  • The Versa-Lift can be used as a standard fork lift without the boom or, can lift on the boom with or without forks fitted.
  • As the forks and boom are independently actuated it is possible to lift a suspended load on the boom and use the forks to steady the load during the move.
  • Engine options include electric, LPG, petrol, dual-fuel and diesel.
  • Remote control or hydraulic winch options are also available.
  • New machines can be supplied with customers corporate paint schemes if desired.
  • All the Versa-Lift models are fully CE compliant.