Pooler-LMT now offers the full range of Lowry Industrial Lift Trucks

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Pooler-LMT Limited can now offer the full range of Lowry industrial lift trucks.

Lowrys are now built in Canada by Manitex Liftking. They are now complete, "new build" machines with models ranging from 18,000lbs (8.2 te) to 40,000lbs (18 te) capacity. Jib attachments are available for all Lowry models, significantly increasing their versatility for the machinery installation industry. 

Our new Lowry L200 XDS 20,000lbs (9 te) demonstator is due to arrive with us in mid July.  This model has the Lowry "Super Clear View"  3 stage mast, with a lift height of 3.7m.  It is fitted with 6' (1.8m) forks and has a GM Vortec 5.7 ltr LPG engine. 

This new Lowry will be unveiled at a special demonstration event on 21st August in Gloucestershire. Bob Pooler (Pooler-LMT) and Mark Aldrovandi of Manitex Liftking will be in attendance at this event and will be happy to anwer questions about the entire Lowry range.